Supra Stopper

Supra Stopper Supra cork stoppers ensure the wine is sealed inside the glass container and promotes the maturation of wine to noble aging. Only the natural cork stopper can provide this perfect balance. The tightness provided by the cork stopper is not only essential for stage wines, but also for fast-consuming wines. With the natural [...]


SUPRA MEMO BOARD Bulletin board or memo board made with compressed granulated cork are another timeless example of cork use in our daily lives. Memo Boards works as the best reminder ever. Supra Combines frames made of aluminum or solid pine wood to offer a more fashionable Memo board.


SUPRA GIFTS Every day new applications areas are found, launching cork as a versatile and multi-application raw material of excellence. Cork emerge in a never-ending number of new products from fashion to decoration. Alone or combined with other materials such as leather, metal or glass, the result is stunning.