Supra cork wall covering

Supra cork wall covering

SUPRA Wall Cover Classic Collection

Supra wall cover classic collection Supra classic collection provides elegant environments and harmonious designs matching with all sorts of decorations and furniture pieces. Natural proprieties and singular visuals are visible in a huge variety of shades and patterns. HAMBURG Read more LVIV Read more LYON Read more PARIS Read more PRAHA Read more SP1 Read [...]

SUPRA Wall Cover Natura Collection

Supra wall cover Natura collection The Natura collection will transform your space into a contemporary minimalistic environment. Because it´s a natural product each tile is unique providing at the same time a trendy design and the benefits of cork properties such as acoustic and thermal insulation. AMSTERDAM Read more BERLIN Read more BREMEN Read more [...]

SUPRA Wall Cover Ornament Collection

Supra wall cover ornament collection AALBORG Read more BARCELONA Read more BASEL Read more BERN Read more KYOTO Read more LISBON Read more MADRID Read more MONACO Read more PALERMO Read more STRIPES Read more TOKYO Read more VENICE Read more

SUPRA Wall Cover Color Collection

Supra wall cover color collection BRUSSELS – SNOW Read more DRESDEN – BLACK Read more DRESDEN – BLUE Read more DRESDEN – GREEN Read more DUBLIN – SNOW Read more FINE BAND – SNOW Read more LIRA – SNOW Read more LIVERPOOL – SNOW Read more LONDON – SNOW Read more LVIV – SNOW Read [...]