Supra Supress Vibration Cork

SUPRA insulation cork boards

Supra offers a natural high density insulation Corkboard capable to insulate vibrations because of a higher volumetric mass
This product is normally supplied on the following types according to different levels of densities:
Type I – 175/190 Kg/m3 – (11/12 lbs/cu ft)
Type II – 210/222 Kg/m3 – (12/14 lbs/cu ft)
Type III – 240/255 Kg/m3 – (15/16 lbs/cu ft)
Type IV – 290/320 Kg/m3 – (18/20 lbs/cu ft)
Volumetric mass: 170/320 Kg/m3
Thickness: 2,5 cm
Pressure: 1Kgf/cm2 – 1daN/cm2


The Supra insulation corkboard is made of cork bonded together through heat with its own resin.


Bad thermal conductor | Good insulation material | Low coefficient of thermal conductivity | High thermal resistance for low thickness.
Hydrocarbons resistant | Easy to cut | Chemical inert | Highly resilient | Not subject to mold growth | Does not deteriorate | Not affected by UV radiation | Does not conduct electricity | Does not accumulate static electricity | Slightly inflammable (B1) | Does not release chlorine or cyanide during combustion |


Flooring insulation, Roof, loft, interior, exterior and acoustic and thermal insulation. Anti-vibration.
Also used in cooling chambers, providing energy savings and as thermal pipe insulator, maintaining fluids at specific temperatures.


1000x500mm / 36”x24”


from 10 to 300mm
Other sizes or specially tailored specifications can be developed by Supra to satisfy the most demanding orders.