Supra cork floor tiles

Supra cork floor tiles

SUPRA Tiles Classic Collection

Supra tiles classic collection Allying classic sophistication and sobriety our amazingly durable tiles are exclusively made of cork and a binding agent. Resistant to water, insect and fire they allow superior thermal insulation and sound absorption. In additional the material is anti-allergenic which means that besides not aggravating an allergy the material is prepared for [...]

SUPRA Tiles Natura Collection

Supra tiles natura Collection Supra Natura Collection is a product line inspired in nature. Marked by vegetal stamp it employs highest quality raw cork materials and art in technology almost a hand-crafted product. Providing sound and thermal insulation as much as comfort, the easy application is one more extra benefit to add to the panoply. [...]

SUPRA Tiles Ornament Collection

Supra tiles ornament collection The ornament Collection besides comfort represent the perfect selection from whom wish to embellish with trendy natural patterns modern living spaces. AALBORG Read more BARCELONA Read more BASEL Read more BERN Read more KYOTO Read more LISBON Read more MADRID Read more MONACO Read more PALERMO Read more STRIPES Read more [...]

SUPRA Tiles Color Collection

Supra tiles Color Collection Attesting the unprecedented level of material's versatility and sustainability, Supra enlarges its color palette to offer colored tiles to embellish the most exigent areas keeping with high level of comfort and quality. TAURUS – BLACK Read more TAURUS – GREEN Read more TAURUS – RED Read more