Supra Rubbercork Rolls

Supra Rubbercork Rolls

915 mm | 1000 mm | 1220 mm.
Supra provide different lengths depending on the thickness, which is normally between 1mm and 8 mm.
Other sizes and customized lengths are also available by request.


Underlay solutions
Supracoustic Rolls
Supra underlay products brings a huge range of solutions reducing the cold from the floor and providing optimal protection against noise.
Using natural ecological material combined with the most advanced technology Supra improve your quality of life. Cork also avoid heat transfer, impact, pressure and humidity.


Corkjoint is a strong, light in weight, flexible and acid resistant material. It allows other materials to change volume. It can be compressed for short or long periods without losing any of its properties.
Supra has a number of different types of Jointing Systems available for use and all have been designed for very specific types of applications and requirements.
Supra Corkjoints are conceived to help fast-track the construction process and some are as basic as inducing cracks in concrete to form a control joint or as heavy duty as a structural connection for use in transferring high shear loads across movement joints.
Contact Supra if assistance is required in choosing the correct type of Joint Sealant or Joint Seal for your structures joints.

Through cork granule selection and special binders, Supra obtain according to Meets ASTM D1752 norm specifications.


Mainly used in bridges, airports, highways, dams, sea walls, docks, etc.


915mm x 610mm / 36’’ x 24’’
12.7 mm / 1/2’’
19mm / 3/4’’
25.4mm / 1’’